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Use sunscreen. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. You should apply sunscreen every two hours (or more often if you are swimming or participate in physical activity many pouring sweat.);

Discover a refuge in the shade. You should avoid the Sun from 10 am until 2 pm, because this is the period of most intense UV rays throughout the day. If you have to go out this time, search the blinds whenever possible;

Wear protective clothing. When exposed to harsh sunlight, you should wear tight clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants and a hat brimmed, ...


Smoking makes your skin look older. In addition, smoking constricts tiny blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin, reducing blood flow. This limits the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Smoking also causes damage to collagen and elastin – the essential proteins keep skin health and elastic. In addition, the facial expression of the smoking time, such as facial acne when inhaled and squinting to avoid cigarette smoke can make ugly wrinkles to the face.

So if you are addicted to smoking, the best way to protect your skin is to get rid of this habit. Ask your doctor's advice and actions are the most effective way to quit smoking.

"Treat" with soft skin

Cleansing the skin and facial cleansing every day can affect your skin. To keep the skin remains smooth, we recommend:
Limit bath time. Soaking in hot water or shower in a prolonged period of time will cause dehydration and greasiness. So, you should limit the time bathing and use warm water instead of hot water;
Avoid soaps with strong nature. Soaps and cleansers can secrete oil from your skin. Instead, select the SOAP and mild cleanser to avoid damage to the skin;
Shave carefully. To protect and lubricate the skin, apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaved. In addition, by using daggers and dirt is the cause of skin irritation, prone to stumbles when shaved. So, we recommend that you use the Shaver clean, sharpen and shaving in the direction of hair growth;
Pat dry. After cleaning or bathing, Pat or gently pat dry your skin with a towel to moisturize the skin;
Moisturize dry skin. If your skin is dry, we recommend using a moisturizer that suits your skin type. For everyday use, consider choosing a moisturizer containing SPF.


A healthy diet can help your skin look younger. You have to eat vegetables, fruits, lean protein &. Although the relationship between diet and acne has not been proven, some studies have shown that a diet high in refined or processed carbohydrates or can help. Upon you look younger.
Control stress

Excessive stress can make your skin more sensitive, causing pimples and other skin problems. Therefore, you should perform a stress control measures to maintain the mental state You stay healthy, such as setting a reasonable limit, shorten Your task list, and spend the time to do this. What do you like, ...

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Eat Healthy Foods

First, you have to change your diet to help lose weight and have good health.

Red meat is the first enemy that should be eliminated or at least minimized. Your diet should include seafood, fish, chicken and Turkey. Avoid fast-food restaurant because you will not find this dish is properly prepared there.

Makan Makanan SehatFried food is another factor that causes overweight because of a lot of fat. Instead, go for grilling, baking, roasting and boiling food. For added flavor, use herbs and spices.
Soup and salad is very good to begin with, because they reduce the hunger and won't let you eat more than you need afterwards.

Vegetable soup is a better choice than Chowder and should include tomatoes and other vegetables for a source of fibre and vitamin rich.

Salad dressing should only include low calorie while vegetables should be the keys salad and whatever you want.

The fruit must replace the cakes and pastries. This will save the extra calories and give you lots of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Healthy Beverage Consumption

Just as important as the food we eat is what we drink. You can get a lot of calories from the drinks that are not healthy.

Konsumsi Minuman Sehat
Sweet drinks are usually loaded with calories and damaging your health. When trying to lose weight, you only have to drink plain water, unsweetened tea and fresh juice.

A 20 ounce Coca-Cola there are 250 calories. Well, if you usually drink several glasses of Coca-Cola in a day, you get an extra 1000 calories, which is a daunting figure.

Water is very important in weight loss diet program and should be the main beverage that you wear. It is known that the 8 glasses of water a day is a white normal doses for everyone.

Alcoholic beverages is loaded with calories and should be limited if you want to successfully lose weight.
Additional things you can do

Inform as many healthy nutrients. Keep a diary of what you eat and count calories. Try to avoid eating when you feel unwell or stress (emotional eating) and write down everything in your diary. However, if the problem is serious and you couldn't resist not to eat when you are stressed, seek therapy. Sports or at least run a minimum of 10 hours per day.


Simple Tips To Lose Weight

Healthy Tips to lose weight without having to Bother according to research if you want to lose weight that doesn't require too much time and food are hard to made we have advice that at least you each morning to eat a bread & milk for kabohidrat for from morning until approximately daytime/lunch hour. then conditioned to eat heavy meals at least twice in 1 day. and don't eat the snacks sweetened drinks after hours & 7 nights. Hopefully these tips will help you pursue your dreams in losing weight.

Hopefully these tips will help keep your skin stay young, smooth and healthy.